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Come As You Are

Welcome to CAYA Art Space!

CAYA Art Space is a service in Naarm/Melbourne that builds art spaces for you to create and connect.

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What is CAYA?

We offer a range of art-based sessions that attempt to dismantle the idea that one must be ‘good’ at art to engage in it. At CAYA, we believe that ‘play’ for adults and young adults is an incredibly underrated & underused tool for increasing relaxation, self-insight & community connection.

CAYA utilises art-making & creativity to champion the ‘process over end-product” experience. This focuses on playing for the sake of playing, rather than stressing over a masterpiece. This manifests through semi-structured & unstructured programs that use a wide variety of accessible art media and activities.

The majority of our participants do not identify as ‘artists’ or ‘creatives’ & we thrive on this! CAYA stands for ‘Come As You Are’ & we truly do welcome and accept you for whoever you are & however you show up.

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We are committed to providing culturally sensitive and accessible services for people of all identities. We believe it is our responsibility to constantly learn & adapt through regular discourse & research.

If you have feedback & feel the capacity, we encourage you to reach out & tell us if there is something we can do to improve the CAYA experience for you or others.

Art For Fun
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To keep up to date with us, join us on Instagram @caya.artspace 

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