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Your weekly online creative space that won't get cancelled because of restrictions!

This space is an online platform that allows you to connect and make art alongside others amongst the restrictions and isolation of COVID-19.

Sessions are designed keeping in mind that individuals who attend hold varying experiences with art-making and might not have access to a wide range of art materials at home. Because of this, we keep the art-making simple, easy, accessible and often similar each time!

We believe that there is no such thing as doing too much of the same style of art making. We think that it can be helpful doing an art activity multiple times because it can help you build some skill and increase comfort with a particular style of art making. Plus you can get something new or different out of it each time you do it.

Ultimately, we want to help normalise art-making as a regular and simple task to do, almost like your yoga or meditation practice, especially during these trialing times.


Come As You Are

Welcome to CAYA Art Space

CAYA Art Space is a service in Naarm/Melbourne that builds art spaces for you to create and connect.

We provide weekly art workshops and private art events (online and face-to-face).

If you are seeking Art Therapy services please contact us via email.

We are here to remind you that you are creative!