The Team

CAYA Art Space is run and co-founded by Giulia and Jordy.

Jordy and Giulia are both visual artists who share a love of creating, bringing people together and having a good ol' time. Both artists enjoy exploring colour, line, form and texture, whilst generally making a mess experimenting with alternative art materials. 


CAYA Art Space was born in response to the various impacts of COVID-19.

The social, emotional and mental effects on individuals throughout the lockdowns and afterwards have left us wondering how we can soothe, support and reconnect with ourselves and each other. 

As we have studied and worked as Art Therapists, we understand and appreciate the positive benefits of creating art from a well-being perspective. CAYA Art Space aims to normalise art making as a relaxing, fun and social experience that can be regularly participated in. 

Although we are trained Art Therapists, we wear our visual arts hats as facilitators of CAYA Art Space. If you are seeking Art Therapy, please email us at for access to therapeutic services seperate to CAYA Art Space.

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