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Public Art Workshops

— Public Art Workshops: Welcome

Our public art workshops are for any and all individuals aged 18+. The workshops aim to provide a space to play, get your hidden creative juices going, use your hands, relax and - if you want to - socialise. Some workshops are totally unguided/unstructured workshops dedicated to free-play. Others are theme or material focused with semi-guided/semi-structured activities.

Our participant feedback is that these workshops are perfect for you to attend with your friends or family as a wholesome group activity. Alternatively, we’ve been told that these spaces are great for people to attend alone for some quality creative time in the presence of others. You may be new to art-making and learn some new skills through experimentation and guided directives. Perhaps art-making is a hobby of yours and we’re able to provide you with a social atmosphere and wide range of materials to explore.

We are a business attempting to grow, however, we have no interest in people being financially limited in attending our service. If you are feeling a financial boundary in joining us, please reach out so we can assist.

Please note that our Public Art Workshops are not Art Therapy groups.

If you are seeking Art Therapy services, please contact us.

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No current events. Watch this space!

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