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Private Art Events

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Our private art events offer creative group activities for your colleagues, students or friends and family. They focus on providing tailored and relevant art-based spaces to support the wellbeing of individuals in a holistic, creative and social way.

Our private art events have the potential to provide fun and play-focused activities; offer mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation; foster group connection and cohesion by building trusting communication, empathy and socialisation; process challenging feelings and thoughts related to COVID19; promote self-understanding and self-expression; encourage the exploration of imagination and creative thinking.

Unless your group intends to use your own art materials, participants have full access to a wide range of art materials that we have collected in a thoughtful and sustainable manner.

Each session is designed to meet your individualised needs. This may look more like a fun-filled, silly event to celebrate someone or something. Alternatively, it may look like a reflective, purpose-driven workshop aimed to bond and problem solve. After filling out the form below, we can organise a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn more about your group and your goals!

Depending on the intention of the groups, the event will be designed using a flexible mix of general art-based workshop approaches, rooted in the facilitator’s knowledge of evidence-based Art Therapy practices if relevant and appropriate.

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