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CAYA Art Space is run and co-founded by Giulia and Jordy.

At the heart of CAYA Art Space is a commitment to fostering creativity and connection.

We, Jordy and Giulia, are Naarm based visual artists and Art Therapists. We created CAYA to broaden mainstream access to creating, wellbeing-support and community connection through art. 

The leap to begin this small business emerged from the impacts of the pandemic when we personally both felt a total disconnect from ourselves, our surrounding communities and creativity in general. We recognised a common longing to find an informal, warm, creative, playful space that was regularly dedicated to relaxation and joy.

We are huge advocates and appreciators of art and its impacts on mental health on an individual and collective level. Our work is informed by current and emerging understandings, focusing on creating safe and non-judgmental spaces to simply play.

We respect that ‘playing for the sake of playing’ may be a luxury for some people and recognise that we hold privilege in being able to explore this. Our aim is to grow the capacity to extend this privilege to communities who do not have this luxury, opening up creative spaces for people to play, no matter who they are or where they come from.

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