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Session Summaries

We offer the following session topics:


Scroll down to get a better idea of the potential outcomes for participants with each session topic.

All sessions will be tailored to your participants with age and developmental stages in mind.


In this session, we invite participants to challenge the idea that there are ‘creative’ people and ‘non-creative’ people. Potential outcomes may include:
— Practicing the capacity to explore imagination and try experimenting outside of one's comfort zone.
— Focusing on their individual strengths.
— Using the group setting to increase team bonding and cohesiveness.
— Prioritising joy and relaxation during the session, contributing to a reduction in stress.
— Harnessing and transferring visual creativity to strengthen the ability to creatively problem solve and approach situations with an alternative perspective - within the workplace/school and personal life.


In this session, we invite participants to find that sweet spot between productivity and mindless screen-use to ensure rest is a valued and important part of our lives. Potential outcomes may include:
— Fresh thoughts on how rest can fit into COVID-normal life.
— Having a space for self reflection and insight.
— Identifying habits and recognising individual needs moving forward.
— Creating and viewing calming, restful artworks which is known to decrease stress and cause immediate release of dopamine.


In this session, we invite participants to recognise and normalise the difficulties and beauty in connection, especially within a COVID context. Potential outcomes may include:

— Individuals identifying who and what they want to connect with more (peers, family, colleagues, self, nature etc.).

Reflection on how connection looks and feels for different people.

General relaxation as a direct result of creatively expressing.

Sharing the communal struggles of connection within these COVID times.


In this session, we invite participants to reflect on how gratitude feels on the expressing and receiving ends, providing space to identify a range of experiences and interactions that may induce gratitude. Potential outcomes may include:

— Space to focus on joyful elements of life, such as nature, acts of kindness, accomplishments, tranquil/helpful/happy moments that produce pleasure in some way.

Questioning when finding the silver lining is helpful and not.

Exploring the experience of practicing, giving and receiving gratitude (to ourselves and others).

Building resilience and coping skills through the process of acceptance and gratitude of the small joys in life.


In this session, we invite participants to explore what their own communication styles look like, with a special focus on active listening and feeling heard. Potential outcomes may include:
— Increased self-awareness by identifying ways in which we each communicate effectively with ourselves and others (as well as things we could improve on).
— Strengthening interpersonal skills.
— Healthier work/school environment that promotes open and respectful communication.
— Increased desire for active listening. 
— More understanding amongst peers' strengths and struggles around communication.


In this session, we invite participants to give space to compassion and self-compassion, noting the similarities and differences in how we experience each characteristic. Potential outcomes may include:
— Increased empathy and understanding towards others and their own situations.
— Individuals showing themselves kinder, more forgiving approaches to uncomfortable interactions and situations.
— Increased understanding of compassion within the team/class context, which can increase social connectedness.
— Cognitive restructuring skills to deal with challenging situations/feelings and moving forward in conducive ways.


In this session, we invite participants to slow down, focus, explore and connect to different parts of themselves with the option of sharing with others. Potential outcomes may include:
— Increasing insight through self-reflection and self-connection.
— Opportunities for communal sharing and connecting with others, increasing group understanding and cohesion (especially helpful in combating previous and current experience of remote learning and WFH).
— An opportunity to identify individual and shared values.
— General relaxation from engaging in creative expression.


In this session, we invite participants to share their individual understandings of what mental health looks like to them, championing everyone's own diverse and adaptive perspectives. Potential outcomes may include:

— Less stigma around the conversation of mental health.

— Allowing an opportunity for individuals to feel heard, seen and comfortable to share their experiences in a safe way.

— Opportunity for classes and teams to recognise communal struggles and where support might be needed.

— Increased group understanding and compassion towards each other.


In this session, we invite participants to explore what healthy boundaries are and what they look like in a school/work context. Potential outcomes may include:
— Building a better understanding of what boundaries are.
— Increased self-esteem and insight.
— Learning to conserve emotional energy and increase independence & agency.
— Reassessment of needs, noting healthy and unhealthy habits.
— Establishing a safe and positive culture to enhance individual and communal experiences at school/work.


In this session, we explore these two common reactions to challenging times, especially in the context of situations that we cannot control, such as COVID19. Potential outcomes may include:

— Better understanding around what resistance is teaching us when we feel it arising.

— Awareness and space to think about tools we can use to move forward in times where we have no control.

— Increased resilience and capacity to face adversity when acceptance is reached.

— Ability to add words and express the diverse feelings that arise alongside resistance and acceptance in these situations.


In this session, we invite participants to explore, hold and support the experience of sitting with the unknown with all the confusion and clarity that comes with this. Potential outcomes may include:
—  Increased capacity to reach a feeling of acceptance around the state of confusion or unknown in life.
— Building resilience by addressing challenges.
— An opportunity to reframe experiences of confusion to help us identify what we might need to reach clarity or better understanding. 
— Practice curiosity in spaces of the unknown. Allowing confusion the space to raise options not previously considered before.

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